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Unifying Trademark Protection Joint Efforts Promoting Brand Economy Development Trademark Office Actively Promoting Trademark Enforcement Regional Cooperation and Getting New Achievement

This year, Trademark Office followed SAIC Party Committee’s work deployment, strengthened trademark registration facilitation reform, practically enhanced trademark rights protection, took trademark enforcement regional cooperation as a major method to fight against trademark infringements and counterfeits, supported greatly regional trademark enforcement cooperation, and made achievements in trademark regional cooperation.

  I. Promoting a regional cooperation among Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei to effectively increase enforcement efficiency.

  To suit the trend of coordinated development among Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, to improve regional cooperation efficiency on fighting against infringements, Trademark Office expanded ideas, created models, and made strong efforts in promoting the signing of Trademark Protection Regional Cooperation Memorandum among Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei for Beijing AIC, Tianjin Market and Quality Supervision Administration and Hebei AIC. The three parties made consensus on ten items including strengthening enforcement coordination and cooperation, building regional liaison mechanism, enhancing trademark protection. After the establishment of cooperation, Fangshan branch of Beijing AIC and Renqiu AIC under Hebei AIC made great use of case clues transfer, relevant information notification and trans-regional enforcement, jointly investigated counterfeited “Shell” lubricants case, destroyed three places where counterfeited goods manufactured, involving 2.56 million yuan. Shell (China) Co., Ltd for the protection, sent a special thanks letters to AICs. For the past one year, departments in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei strengthened the fighting to source of manufacture and jointly investigated a series of big cases, which brought in good public effect.

  II. Comprehensively instructing Huaihai Economic Zone trademark protection cooperation network and promoting regional trademark and brand development.

  Huaihai Economic Zone was one of earliest regional economic cooperation organization in China. To promote regional economic prosperity, make efforts in trademark rights protection, AICs and Market Supervision departments in the four provinces voluntarily conducted trademark enforcement communication and coordination and got remarkable achievements. Trademark Office took accurate instruction and help to strengthen the cultivation on market entities’ trademark awareness. It focused on trademark registration, supervision and service to constantly promote trademark and brand development in this zone. By the end of this October, there were 2.268 million trademarks still in force in Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan and Anhui, accounting for 15.8% of national total trademarks; 976 Geographical Indications, 26% of the total; 4902 Madrid trademarks, about 20% of the total.

  III. Effectively promoting the rebuilding of mechanism among Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui to create sound business environment.

  Yangtze river delta region was famous for its solid foundation in trademark enforcement regional cooperation. To improve the achievements, Trademark Office actively promote the resume of regional cooperation meeting to effectively control and prevent regional, industrial risk for trademark infringements. The departments in the four provinces actively made innovations, effectively conduct cooperation with rights holders, industrial associations, e-business platform, to strengthen trademark regional cooperation, promote the investigation of online trademark infringements and counterfeits, investigated trademark cases such as “YI DE GE”, “LAO FENG XIANG”, “YUN TIAN HUA” and “LUO CHUAN Apple” to purify online market, to better protect enterprises trademark interests, and to improve business environment.

    In future, Trademark Office would resolutely implement SAIC Party Committee’s deployment and Minister Zhang Mao’s instruction, constantly deepen trademark registration and administration reform, enhance trademark rights protection, promote trans-departmental and trans-regional trademark supervision and enforcement, and strengthen the cooperation between administrative enforcements and judicial procedures.

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