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Fostering International Business Environment and Strengthening Communication -- Liu Junchen met with the visiting IPOS CEO Daren Tang

On January 22, Liu Junchen, vice minister of SAIC met with the visiting IPOS Chief Executive Daren Tang.

  Liu Junchen introduced the progress of China’s trademark and brand. He indicated that in 2017 trademark application reached about 5.75 million, increasing 55.7% compared with previous year. Madrid application 4810, increasing 59.8%, ranking three in the union. However the international level for trademark application is comparatively low, accounting for 5%. SAIC constantly promoted trademark registration facilitation. Examination time limit shortened from 9 months to 8 months, and to 6 months in near future. He expressed to strengthen trademark intellecutal property protection, and dedicate to foster international, legalized and convenient business environment. He indicated to promote trademark and brand utilization, and promote the change from Chinese made to Chinese innovation, Chinese products to Chinese brands. He expressed SAIC and IPOS had many commons in trademark and brand and hoped to enhance communication.

  Daren Tang introduced intellectual property especially trademark and brand development and experience. He indicated that trademark applications grew very fast in Singapore, increasing 20%, and many from China. He hoped to conduct deep and wide communication in future to promote healthy bilateral economic and trade relations.

  Both sides also communicated on Chinese trademark protection, trademark pledge financing and trademark examination graphic retrieval.

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