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Annual Trademark Registrations Exceeded 5 million in China

On January 18, from SAIC newsconference, trademark registrations in 2017 exceed 5 million, reaching 5.748 million, increasing 55.7%. The application and increasement hit a historical high record.

  By the end of 2017, China trademark applications accumulatively reached 27.842 million, and registrations accumulatively reached 17.301 million, registrations still in force reached 14.92 million, ranking number 1 in the world for consecutively 17 years. Each 10 thousand market entities registered 1520 effective trademarks, a remarkable increasement compared with the figure of 1074 in 2011.

  World influence of China’s trademark and brand increased simultaneously. The World's 500 Most Influential Brands issued by World Brand Lab in 2017 showed that 37 chinese brands were included in the list, increasing 1.5 times compared with that of 2013. The international level of trademarks and brands accelerated constantly. Last year, Chinese applicants filed 4810 Madrid international applications, increasing 59.6% comparatively, ranking the third in the union.

  Trademark protections were enhanced comprehensively. In 2017, AIC and Market Supervision departments focused on well-known trademarks, geographical indications, foreign marks, time-honoured brands to strengthen trademark rights protection. About 30 thousands illegal cases investigated by the whole departments, reducing 5.1% compared with previous year. Trademark infringement cases reached 27000, reducing 4.3% compared with the previous year.

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