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Opinions Collection for Reform and Mindstorming on Development -- Trademark Office Organized Trademark Management Work Meeting

On January 19, Trademark Office organized trademark management work meeting and collected public opinions and suggestions on strengthening trademark reform and serving entrepreneurship and innovation. About 40 people including staffs from relevant departments of SAIC, some scholars and experts and delegates from 15 regional AICs and Market Supervision departmetns such as those from Beijing and Shanghai, from judical authorities, enterprises, trademark agencies joined the meeting. Cui Shoudong host the meeting.

  The meeting is to follow the requirments on strengthening intellectual property innovation, protection and utilization, to implement the State Council’s newest instructions on trademark and National AICs and Market Supervision departments work meeting spirit, to actively answer public concerns, to strengthen research and provide strong method for solving enterprises’ development obstacles, and to comprehensively purify business environment and serve entrepreneurship and innovation.

  In the meeting, delegates discussed SAIC’s Instructive Opinions on Trademark and Brand Entrepreneurship and Innovation Base Building, provided positive opinions on opening trademark database, solving idle trademarks and hoarding trademarks, regulating trademark transactions, optimizing trademark modification, transfer and renewal procedures.

  Cui Shoudong notified the progress of trademark reform in 2017 and work ideas in 2018. He indicated that under the strong leadership of SAIC party committee, Trademark Office solidly promoted trademark reforms and made achievements in trademark regsitration facilitation reform, trademark supervision enforcement, trademark and brand serving ulitization. He mentioned there was a deep gap to meet market entities necessicities and public expects. In 2018 Trademark Office would resolutely implement SAIC party committee’s decisions and deployments, deepen party building, reform and implementation to further promote trademark registration facilitation, trademark supervision legalization, trademark brand cultivation systemization and trademark brand building internationalization. He required to focus on problems and to comprehensively optimizing business environment.

  He introduced that Trademark Office paid great attentions on problems happened during reform, constructed big trademark theory, insisted in open reform, made good use of self examination and public checking. He appreciated for delegates’ real words, and practical methods for trademark reform, which indicted emphasis for promoting effective reform.

  Cui Shoudong expressed that Trademark Office would make a serious research on the opinions and suggestions, formulate practical reform methods. For problems could be solved currently, Trademark Office would solve them directly. For those need the reform on mechinism or system, Trademark Office would strengthen research and formulate recent methods, draft solving solutions and three-years development plans. He said the Office would comprehensively find trademark problems and take methods to cure them from the source, and practically improve work efficiency and service. Trademark Office would strictly implement Premier Li Keqiang’s important instructions on trademark issue, follow minister Zhang Mao and vie minister Liu Junchen’s deployments, inspire and unite together, take real methods to clarify each circle, optimize each procedure and actively promote rectification for real effect.

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