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Inviting New Media Discussing New Development --Trademark Reform Promoting Meeting Organized by Trademark Office

  • 2018-02-26
  •   To comprehensively improve the pertinence and effectiveness of trademark promotions, usefully elaborate new media’s bridge function in promotion, on February 6, Trademark Office organized Trademark Reform Promoting Meeting and invited about 50 persons including the ones form relevant SAIC internal bureaus, 15 influential wechat operators in IP field to join. Cheng Meng, full-time deputy secretary of Trademark Office Party Committee hosted the meeting. Lin Junqiang, deputy director general of the Office attended the meeting and delivered a speech there.

      Lin Junqiang expressed his thanks for the concerns, supports and promotions to trademarks by participated new media. He indicated that Trademark Office had kept the channel open for reform, cherish self development and public ideas. Since business system reform, trademark registration and administration improved greatly, and trademark registration facilitation reform has made great progress. The complete available of online application reduced trademark examination time limit from 9 months to 8 months, at an advance level in the world, which would be shortened to 6 months before the end of 2018. Electronic document delivery was piloted gradually and generated daily more than 10 thousand documents and issued on the same day. Before the end of June of 2018, Trademark Office plans to realize the full electronic document delivery to agencies and trademark application receptance windows. The new E-gazette covers all trademark publication data, and realizes the further available of trademark data for public. All data would be available to public before the end of 2018. Though trademark reform has a little achievement, but under the situation of comprehensively strengthening reform and economic transformation, the effectiveness and pace for trademark registration facilitation reform still have more space to improve compared with public desires and market necessities.

      Lin Junqiang stressed trademark promotion has active functions to increase public understandings on trademark relevant IP knowledge. He hoped media, especially attended new media to give more concerns on trademarks, more promotions on reform achievements. He encouraged the media in promoting IP strong country building and improving domestic brand international competitiveness to unify consensus and for helping innovation and entrepreneurship to create more good market public opinion environment.

      Attended media combining each programming feature, proposed many suggestive opinions on trademark promotions, trademark reform effectiveness enhancement, government credibility improvement, such as improving promoting methods, smoothing communication channel, establishing official voice channel, setting up two way sharing and interaction mechanism, improving policy interpretation, conducting training, promoting famous experts and examiners, in order to enhance the imitativeness, timeliness and interactivity of promotion and strengthen positive influence of Trademark Office.

      At the meeting, General Affairs Division of the Office notified recent 6 reforms for trademark issues. Supervision Division notified 8 unfair competition phenomenon existed in agencies.

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