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Making Efforts in Trademark and Brand Building to Promote the Development in Silk Road Economic Zone – Liu Junchen participated in the 19th ITFCEW and the Silk Road International Expo

  • 2015-07-07

  •   On May 22, Liu Junchen, vice minister of SAIC went to Xi’an for the 19th Investment and Trade Forum for Cooperation between East and West China (ITFCEW) and the Silk Road International Expo. After the opening ceremony, Liu Junchen participated in “Silk Road Economic Zone Brand (Trademark) Building and Economic Development Cooperation Communication Meeting”. Liu Junchen expressed at the meeting required to establish brand awareness, pay high attentions on trademark building to economic development, root in realities, take the historical opportunity of One Belt and One Road and discuss new method for trademark and brand buildings.

      Liu Junchen indicated that in September 2013, General Secretary of the Central Committee of China Communist Party Mr. Xi Jinping initiated the strategic concept of jointly building “Silk Road Economic Zone” when visiting middle Asian countries, which meant significantly to connect Asian and European countries in economy, to strengthen mutual cooperation and to create a rare opportunity for the development in countries and regions along the Road. Liu Junchen expressed that the purpose of this meeting was to discuss how to best serve and promote relevant countries and regions innovation and development by trademark and brand building.

      Liu Junchen stressed that the development of brand economy, the integration of economic elements by brand would improve China’s comprehensive capacity and competition, which was a necessary choice under the new normal. Brand building included an organic entity, i.e. brand cultivations by enterprises, trademark registration and administration by government, and also a social environment where people respected trademarks and valued brands.

      Liu Junchen said China’s trademark and brand value and competition had increased to be a trademark big country without any doubt. However it was inappropriate with China’s status as the world second biggest economic entity. There was a long way to go for a trademark strong country. In promoting brand building, the relationship among government, enterprises and market should be well treated. Enterprises were the players in trademark and brand building, market and consumers were judges to evaluate brands, and government was the service, leading and supervising member for trademark and brand building.

      Liu Junchen proposed four requirements for AIC authorities in performing obligations and promoting the Silk Road Economic Zone brand economic development. First was to optimize registration service to make a solid foundation for trademark and brand building. Second was to strengthen promotions, instruct actively, and innovate trademark and brand building concept. Third was to strengthen law enforcement to foster a sound market environment for trademark and brand building. Last was to strengthen oversea rights protection to safeguard China brands’ international competition.

      Before the meeting, Liu Junchen met with the visiting vice minister for culture, information and tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic. Both sides exchanged opinions on strengthening communication and cooperation under the framework of joint building the Silk Road Economic Zone and other common concerns.

      Relevant staffs from the International Cooperation Affairs Department of SAIC, Trademark Office and China Trademark Association joined the meeting.

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