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Continue to strengthen cooperation and communication to promote a tighter and durable bilateral economic tie – Liu Junchen met with the visiting president of CNAC Mr. Richard Yung

  • 2015-07-07
  •   On June 2, Liu Junchen, vice minister of SAIC met with the visiting president of Comité National Anti-Contrefaçon (CNAC) of France Mr. Richard Yung. Liu Junchen expressed to keep current good relations with French relevant authorities, to deepen communication and cooperation in trademark rights protection and internet market supervision for a tighter and durable bilateral economic tie.

      Liu Junchen firstly welcomed Mr. Richard Yung’s visit and introduced China’s trademark registration and administration and internet market supervision. Liu Junchen expressed that trademark registration and administration were one important function of SAIC. In recent years, SAIC actively promoted the facilitation of trademark registration procedures, which made the average trademark registration examination time limits shorten to nine month. China government paid high attentions on cracking down infringements and counterfeits. Under the leadership of National Leading Workgroup for Cracking down Infringements and Counterfeits, AIC authorities and market supervision authorities kept a high pressure and seriously investigated illegal cases. There were about 67 500 cases were investigated. Liu Junchen also indicated that infringements and counterfeits happened in Internet were common problems by each country. SAIC insisted in administrating internet according to law, using internet method, strictly cracking down illegal behaviors. Meanwhile SAIC paid great attentions on joint governance where enterprises self-controlled, industries self-disciplined, government administrated and society supervised to practically regulate market order.

      Mr. Richard Yung thanked the meeting with Liu Junchen and introduced background of CNAC and its practices. He expressed that France and China have a good relations. He was very glad to see the smoothly development of bilateral cooperation. He hoped to conduct more intimate cooperation in trademark rights protection and internet supervision to jointly protect legitimate interest for both French and Chinese enterprises.

      After the meeting, SAIC and CNAC jointly organized a geographical indication and cracking down internet infringements and counterfeits workshop. The workshop was one action developed under the frame work of bilateral MOU. In the workshop, experts from both sides made deep discussions on geographical indication registration, the dispute between geographical indication and trademark, China’s internet goods market supervision, French internet anti-counterfeits precautions. Both sides expressed to borrow each one’s experience to protect both countries’ enterprises’ legitimate interests.

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