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Keeping Communication and Strengthening Bilateral Cooperation– Zhang Mao Met with the Visiting DDG of WIPO, Ms Wang Binying

  • 2015-07-17

      On April 18, Zhang Mao, minister of SAIC met with the deputy director general of WIPO, Ms. Wang Binying. Zhang Mao expressed to keep current good communication with WIPO to extend, enrich and innovate cooperation and to strengthen bilateral relationships.

      Zhang Mao at first welcomed Wang Binying’s visiting again to SAIC and congratulated Chen Hongbing for assuming the director of WIPO China Office. Zhang Mao introduced that the reform on commercial system had incented market vitalities, promoted the facilitation of business registration. The market entities had increased greatly, which supported employment growth. Although currently China faced great pressure for economic downturn, the amazing employment growth started the new normal, where the public engaged in business and innovation, which reflected great innovation power and market capacity and promoted the constant increase in trademark volumes. For the first five months, the Trademark Office received 1.045million applications, an increase of 22.78%.

      Zhang Mao expressed that trademark was the important driver for market economic development. Brand competition already became the major form of competition. According to the newest announcement of World’s Top 100 Brands by BrandZ, there were 14 Chinese local brands, which showed the booming of Chinese local brands in the world.

      Wang Binying thanked for the meeting with Minister Zhang Mao and expressed WIPO’s high value on the relationship with SAIC. She highly appraised the High-level Roundtable on Brands jointly organized in March in Argentina. She noted that the roundtable had got an active influence in Latin American region; Minister Zhang Mao’s topic speech had also got a wide reputation. She also indicated that the commercial system reform in China had got worldwide concerns, and many media gave reports.

      Both sides made a further communication on strengthening bilateral cooperation, on conducting cooperation in trademark database, in Madrid system promotion, and in human resources, on signing a new MOU and on China Trademark Awards in order to promote China’s and even the World’s IP development.

      Mr. Liu Junchen, Vice Minister of SAIC made a detailed communication with Ms. Wang Binying, Deputy Director General of WIPO on above mentioned topics.

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