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Zhang Mao Proposed Requirements in the Opening Ceremony for the China Trademark and Brand Research Institute of RUC and in the Brand Competition, Innovation and Development Forum

  • 2015-08-04

      On July 28, the opening ceremony for the China Trademark and Brand Research Institute of Renmin University of China and the Brand Competition, Innovation and Development Forum were jointly organized by China Trademark Association and Renmin University of China in Beijing. Zhang Mao, minister of SAIC, Liu Junchen, vice minister of SAIC, Liu Fan, Chairman of China Trademark Association, and Chen Yulu, president of Renmin University of China, all jointed the ceremony. Zhang Mao made a speech on the topic of “Promoting Brand Competitions and Serving Innovation and Development” in the forum.

      Zhang Mao pointed out that facing the important opportunity and challenge of new round technical revolution and industrial transformation, we had to speed up the steps on the building of China trademarks and brands, tried to improve their international competitiveness, and to actively implement the development strategy driven by innovation, the intellectual property strategy and the Belt and Road Initiative, we had to fully play the functions of trademarks and brands, and to make change from Chinese products to Chinese brands.

      Zhang Mao required to change ideas and to clearly understand the status and functions of trademarks and brands in the implementation of innovation driven development strategy. He required to actively instruct and encourage enterprises to make brands competitions to realize innovation and development. He asked to position accurately to construct a coordinating and building system for brands competition and innovation development.

      Zhang Mao stressed to strengthen researches and provided theoretical and intellectual support. He said at the time when the public pioneered in businesses and engaged in innovations, under the background of economic globalization, we cried out for the theoretical research on trademarks and brands. The foundation of China Trademark and Brand Research Institute marked the birth of an important platform for strengthening trademark and brand theoretical and practical research, which meant greatly to improve current trademark and brand theoretical research levels and to build a trademark and brand powerful country. He therefore proposed three requirements:

      First was to strengthen trademark and brand theoretical research. We needed to strengthen trademark and brand history research for grasping historical development regulations, to strengthen trademark and brand development process research for understanding inner development rules, to strengthen trademark and brand market environment research for grasping brands’ inner values and cultural connotations, to strengthen trademark and brand internationalization search for understanding the internationalization development rules, and to strengthen trademark and brand promotion research for understanding trademark and brand promotion rules.

      Second was to strengthen trademark and brand investigations. We needed to focus on problem and phenomenon that more trademark registrations but less trademark utilizations, more domestic famous marks but less international famous ones, and more low valued brands but less high add-valued ones in China, to strengthen investigations and researches, to timely initiate trademark strengthening and improving suggestions, and to instruct the improving of local enterprises’ brand competitions and influences.

      Third was to emphasize the application of theoretical research findings. We needed to actively promote the effective use of findings to provide professional and quality services for improving brand competitiveness and for innovation and development, to actively explore Chinese featured and international standard brands value appraisal system, to objectively publish China Trademark and Brand List for instructing local enterprises in strengthening brands building, to utilize theoretical findings in drafting China Brands Development Report to objectively reflect current brands building situations in China and to propose political suggestions and opinions for serving and promoting trademark and brand building.

      China Trademark and Brand Research Institute of Renmin University was an academic institute founded jointly by China Trademark Association and Renmin University of China, which was to conduct trademark and brand relevant theoretical and practical research, to promote international academic communication and cooperation. The Institute was to publish objectively China Top 500 Brands, China Top 100 Industrial Brands, China Trademark and Brand Development Report and other important findings.

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