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Remarkable Achievements in Double Cracking-downs and Continuous Improvements in Building Legal Mechanism– AIC systems investigated and punished more than 20000 illegal cases

  • 2015-09-09
  •   On August 25, the sixth plenary meeting for SAIC leading group of cracking down infringements and counterfeits (double cracking-downs) was organized. According to the meeting, by the end of this June, AIC systems all investigated 23.9 thousand illegal cases infringing intellectual property or marketing and selling counterfeited and shoddy goods, of which 21.4 thousand cases were concluded with the value of 380 million. Each work under the double cracking-downs got active progress.

      Each member unit under SAIC, local AICs all seriously implemented the work deployment formulated by the State Council and SAIC. When investigating relevant illegal cases, AICs transferred 126 suspected criminal cases with the value of 57.95 million to the judicial authorities, demolished 237 places where counterfeited goods were manufactured, and publicity 7706 administrative punishment cases. Each member unit under SAIC also carried out several special actions, involving those to the rural and urban connecting areas, online infringements and counterfeits, GI trademark rights protections, daily cleaning consumptions including air and drinking water, and children articles circulated in the market. The special actions to online infringements and counterfeits, compared with other actions achieved more. There were more than 240 thousand websites and 6153 providers being investigated, among which, 532 websites were required to rectify the contents, 21 were proposed to close, and 28999 items of information on illegal products were deleted.

      SAIC also focused on major work to formulate 2015 AIC Systems Working Points for Cracking down IP Infringement and Counterfeits according to the meeting spirits of the seventh plenary meeting of the national leading group of cracking down IP infringements and counterfeits, and of AIC system work meeting. Local AICs also strengthened their daily supervisions following SAIC’s overall deployment, strengthened the protection to trademark exclusive rights and the stop on malicious registration, centralized the controls to unfair competitions, deepened the special action of protecting rural areas and rural economic development, enhanced the circulated goods quality supervisions, intensified market supervisions, continued the special actions to illegal and false advertisings. All actions have kept a high pressure to infringements and counterfeits. By the end of this June, AIC all investigated 10873 trademark infringement cases, of which 9914 were concluded with the value of 150 million. The Trademark Review and Adjudication Board, in the first five months of this year, processed more than 5000 cases, a sharp increase compared with the previous year, which involved those free riding other’s trademark reputations, and those monopolizing public resources, frequently registering other’s trademarks and other cases disturbing trademark registration and administration orders.

      As to the legal system building, SAIC in this first half year instructed local AICs in the connections between AIC administrative enforcements and judicial procedures. It required them to strengthen enforcements, to strictly practice obligations, to improve executive ability, and to safeguard the connections and their smooth operations. At the meantime, it actively engaged in the protections to the operation of internet transaction supervision platform, where each function was checked every day, and timely solved problems and updated the platform on requirements, which safeguarded the normal operation of internet monitoring, evidence taking, and testing departments, protected the operation of trademark administrative information platform, and input powers to construct national “double cracking-downs” databases and relevant applications. It also strengthened public opinion collections, and timely publicized work achievements in “double cracking-downs” to the public, which proved effectively.

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