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How to Apply for Renewal of Registration

1. Brief Specification The validity of trademark is 10 years. And the renewal of trademark should be applied for within 6 months before expiration if the owner of the trademark still wants to use it. In this period, if the owner doesn ' t apply for renewal of registration, there is 6-month extension. And the trademark will be canceled if the owner still doesn ' t apply for renewal. 2. Ways for renewal of registration A. Authoring trademark agency that files in trademark office B. Going to the registration hall 3. Form of documents for Renewal of Registration There is only one form of documents, that is, Application for Renewal of Trademark Registration 4. Three Steps of Application A. Preparing for application documents A. Documents: Application for Renewal of Trademark Copy of subject qualification certificate with applicant ' s seal or signature Proxy statement if authoring trademark agency; original and copy of responsible person ' s ID(original will be refunded) if going to registration hall. Copy of registration certificate Chinese translation of application in foreign languages B. Detailed specifications: Filing the application form according to the requirements, and it must be typewritten or printed. If the applicant is natural person, ID number should be attached with name. Application for renewal of trademark registration for each trademark Submitting copy of responsible person ' s ID if going to registration hall or proxy statement if authoring trademark agency Application of sharing trademark should be applied in name of representative. According to the 34 th item of Trademark Law B. Submitting application documents A. Going to the registration hall B. Authoring trademark agency to submit the application documents C. Making payment of official fees Each of the renewal of trademark registration is charged RMB 2,000. And if the application is in the extension period, there is another RMB 500 of demurrage charges. Trademark office will take off official fees from the advance payment made from trademark agency. 5. Attentions A. Trademark office will issue renewal certificate to applicant by mailing to the applicant directly or through the trademark agency. B. If there is any additions and corrections, trademark office will issue notice of additions and corrections(mailing directly to applicant or through trademark agency), demanding the applicant to make additions and corrections within a definite time. And trademark office has the right to reject the application for renewal of trademark registration if the applicant doesn ' t make additions and corrections within the definite time. C. If the application is rejected, trademark office will issue notice of rejection to applicant by mailing directly to applicant or through trademark agency. D. All of the documents will be mailed to trademark agency if the applicant authorizes trademark agency to deal with this affair. E. The classification of application should be filed according to international classification on T rademark R egistration C ertificate . 6. Special Announcement The contents of above are not issued by State Administration for Industry and Commerce or National Trademark Office, they can just be looked as reference.

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