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How to apply for priority documents

1. Brief descriptions After applying for trademark registration within 6 months, if the applicants want to apply for the same trademark registration in priority, in other countries which are the members of Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property , they should apply for priority documents firstly. 2. Ways to deal with it There are two ways to apply for priority documents: A. Authoring trademark agency that are filed in trademark office B. Going to the trademark office 3. Procedures of dealing with it A. For those who authorize trademark agency, they can choose any agency filed in trademark office B. For those going to the registration hall, they can do as followings: Preparing for application form → submitting application form → bar code → making payment of official fees 4. Preparation of application form A. Documents should be prepared Application form of applying for priority documents Copies of subject qualification certificates(business license, ID etc.), original and copy of responsible person ' s ID(original will be refunded); proxy statement if authorizing trademark agency B. Detailed requirements Application form should be typewritten or printed Application form should be stamped with seal of applicant 5. Official fees RMB 100 for each priority application Official fees will be taken off from advanced payment if authorizing trademark agency 6. Receiving priority documents The application forms are well prepared and the procedures are consistent with the rules, the priority documents will be mailed directly to applicants or the trademark agency authorized. 7. Attentions Address, postcode and telephone number should be correct and exact for contact Application materials should be correct and exact Applying in the registration hall, priority documents will be mailed directly to applicants within 4 weeks after submitting application. And if authorizing trademark agency, the documents will be mailed to agency..

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