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Building a Long-term IPR Protection Mechanism


    Main tasks of combating IPR infringement and counterfeiting in 2012 interpreted by Chang Xiaocun, Deputy Secretary-General of the Office of the National Leading Group

    Manufacturing and selling fake Wuliangye, Moutai, Lafite and other prestigious alcohol and wine, illegally collecting and selling medicine online, producing and selling shoddy quality traditional Chinese medicine… For a long time, frequent occurrences of IPR infringement and counterfeiting have severely damaged the interests of consumers, manufacturers and sellers.

    Chang Xiaocun, Deputy Secretary-General of the Office of the National Leading Group on Combating IPR Infringements and Manufacturing and Sales of Fake and Shoddy Products (hereinafter referred to as “the Office”), as well as Director of the Department of Market Supervision under the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), tells this reporter that IPR protection is an arduous and complicated task and will need an extended period of time to be fully operational. China, in its dash for industrialization and urbanization, has an imperfect socialist market economy and IPR legal system, and the public awareness of IPR protection is not strong, which means that IPR infringement and counterfeiting cannot be solved completely within a short period of time. In some parts of the country and in certain fields, problems might reappear after IPR laws are implemented and communicated to the public. Therefore, we must establish a long-term mechanism for IPR protection as soon as possible in order to keep the situation under strict control.


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