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Assure Your Security with Trademark Registration

Try to understand trademark at first before understanding trademark registration. Trademark basically a sign or symbol is used by an organization or person for identifying the products or services offered to clients or customers are from a unique source and of good quality. Trademark is abbreviated like TM and carries symbols like TM, SM and . Trademark is used to market the brands & services of an organization. Every country has a law which considers trademark as a type of property. Proprietary rights concerned with a trademark are set up through trademark registration from a trademark registry office in an area of jurisdiction in a country.
Trademark search is a type of service offered by various organizations which help in identifying the trademark is similar to anyone or not. Organizations maintain a database for registered trademarks and the database is opened for persons for searching trademarks. The cost of trademark search is very different in comparison to the rebranding cost due to infringing the rights of other organization or individual and if you infringe the rights of others you will have to face legal actions taken by other organization or individual. 

Company registration is recommended for all types of companies. Every country has its own rule & regulations for forming a company and for company registration. If we talk about India, company registration is done which is based on company’s act 1956. If you want to register your company, you have to go through various process of company registration. You have to submit the required documents & fees for new company registration. You can consult various organizations including for company registration in India. 

There are various types of companies - Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Family Owned Business, Private Limited(Pvt Ltd), Limited (Public Limited), Public Sector Unit, Cooperative etc. LLP stands for Limited Liability Partnership. In an LLP company, some or all partners have limited liability based on jurisdiction. One partner is not liable for the misconduct of other partner. Some partners have to form a limited liability. It is necessary to have a general partner with unlimited liability in an LLP organization in some countries of the world. 

Every country has its own rule and regulations for LLP registration and if you talk about India, an LLP organization has to go through carious process mentioned in the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008 which came into effect on March 31, 2009. The rules & regulations were published in the official gazette on the 1st April, 2009 and the first LLP was formed in the first week of April in 2009. For LLP registration, you have to go through processes like User Registration, Obtain Designated Partnership Identification Number, Digital Signature Certificate, Reservation of Name, Formation of LLP, Filling LLP Agreement and Partners Details Form. All details concerned with an LLP registration are available on the websites, 

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