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Trademark Registrations, Valid Registrations and Applications Exceeded 10 Millions

  • 2016-05-09
  •   On April 19, SIPO, SAIC and NCAC jointly organized news conference in the State Council Information Office to introduce China’s intellectual property development in 2015. By the end of 2015, the accumulative trademark applications were 18.4027 million, registrations were 12.2539 million and the registrations still in force were 10.3439 million. The three indicators all exceeded 10 millions.

      In 2015, SAIC actively tackled the double challenges of quick increase on trademark applications and regulated examination time limit, and comprehensively worked for trademark application acceptances and examinations. It accepted 2.876 million applications, 25.85% increasing compared previously, a historical high. However the trend of quick increasing in applications would also continue. For the applications, filed by internet were 1.9882 million, accounting for 69.13% of total, which were 2.2 times compared with applications filed by paper. The trademarks possessed by each 10 thousand enterprises increased from 1074 in 2011 to 1335 in 2015, 24.3% increasing. By the end of 2015, 7.5 market entities averagely owned one effective trademark registration.

      As to administrative enforcement, SAIC kept a high pressure on cracking down infringements and counterfeits. In 2015, relevant departments investigated 50834 cases, and 47349 were finished involving 740 million yuan. For those cases, those infringing trademark exclusive rights were 27239 involving 370 million yuan, and 19802 were finished. It also transferred 238 suspected criminal cases to judicial authorities involving 120 million yuan.

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