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Intangible assets exchanged for money – Trademark and brand provide opportunity on solving financing difficulties for SMEs

  • 2016-05-09
  •   Since 2015, SAIC and its local departments actively instructed and supported enterprise to finance by trademark rights pledges, guided trademark rights capitalization and fostered trademarks to be golden keys for SMEs in solving financing difficulties.

      Promoted by business system reform, the business environment in China has improved greatly, public innovation was strengthened and new registered business also increased fast, and many SMEs emerged quickly. Many SMEs, at the beginning, had urgent requirements in financing. For a large portion of SMEs, they lacked of collaterals, immovables, and assets for guarantees, therefore, the difficulties and high cost in financing became the bottleneck of developments.

      Enterprises’ awareness on IP protection constantly enhanced with the development of trademarks. Many SMEs paid high attentions on brands and built up awareness to use trademark rights pledges for loans. In 2015, every 7.5 market entities averagely had one registered trademark according to statistics. For those market entities, the SMEs took a great part.

      Trademark rights as intangible assets of enterprises, were recognized and utilized gradually by SMEs. In 2015, SAIC recorded 970 trademark rights pledges, increased 40% compared previously, 9463 trademarks were pledged to finance 28.85 billion yuan.

      SAIC also improved public service on trademarks. It chose Taizhou as a pilot place to conduct trademark rights pledge recording applications for conveniently meet applicants’ necessities for other procedures after the registration and helped SMEs to finance.

      Trademark and brand also became important tools for local departments of administration for industry and commerce and of market supervision to promote SMEs development. Chengdu actively conducted SMEs trademark and brand service by improving the instruction, incentive, help and support, selecting major enterprises to foster, conducting one to one instruction with the help of brand service experts, and helping to solve problems in brand building, management, rights protection, and market expansion. Guangzhou encouraged local enterprises to utilize trademark transfer, trademark rights license, trademark rights pledges to finance, and to play trademark’s market value. It chose the development zone as a pilot place, organized special training on trademark rights pledges for SMEs, and financed 150 million.

      SAIC currently undertook the information collections and sharing to build trademark data sharing platform and to provide data support for local trademark information, which created facilitated conditions for SMEs to actively use trademark and brand intangible assets.

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