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SAIC: Instant Service available for Trademark Registration Certificate

  • 2016-05-09
  •   On April 21, Trademark Office of State Administration for Industry and Commerce released a Notice on the Change of Method on Issuing Trademark Registration Certificate. From the next day, applicants could enjoy the instant service for the issuing of trademark registration certificates in Trademark Registration Hall, and free of charge.

      Trademark Registration Certificate is one of documents to prove the holder’s exclusive rights on the trademark. The holder could also prove his (her) rights by registration gazette released by China Trademark Website and Trademark Certificate Registry. There is no registry for Madrid International trademark. Applicant needing the certificate always applies for trademark registration certificate before Trademark Office to prove his (her) rights. Meanwhile, for being listed and for transfer, when enterprise is required by relevant departments to show trademark information by trademark registry or other certification documents, trademark registration certificate could well play its function.

      The whole procedure for issuing Trademark Registration Certificate includes the document acceptance, formality examination, scanner work, input work, payment deduction, substantive examination, double-check and approval and printing. It is also mixed with other transactions such as trademark modification, transfer, renewal, and etc. Therefore the issue of certificate is really time-consuming work. For providing better service for applicant, Trademark Office decided to change original way of certificate issuing. According to the Notice, the printed trademark archive stamped by Trademark Registration Certificate seal would be used to replace original way. Applicant could enjoy an instant issuing after providing identification document and trademark number in trademark registration hall. For those applications sent by postal service or express deliveries, Trademark Office would issue certificate within 5 workdays. The new way was free of charge. For the application following original way regulated by Trademark Law, the certificate would be issued within one month.

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