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Liu Junchen delivered a speech at the high-level forum on the linkage of trademark administrative enforcement and judicial protection

  • 2016-05-27
  •   Taking Several Measures to Actively Form a Linkage and Long Term Mechanism

      On May 12, the high-level forum on the linkage of trademark administrative enforcement and judicial protection was organized in Beijing. Liu Junchen attended the forum and delivered a speech on Taking Several Measures to Actively Form a Linkage and Long Term Mechanism for trademark administrative enforcement and judicial protection. The speech attracted high concerns from the participants.

      Liu Junchen indicated that the administration for industry and commerce and the market supervision authority had comprehensively implemented the decisions and deployments of the Party’s Central Committee and the State Council, actively played the market supervision functions, strengthened enforcements, which proved effectively. During the twelfth five-year period, about 311,700 cases involving infringements and counterfeits were investigated, 10539 dens where illegal products manufactured were destroyed, and 2583 suspected criminal cases were transferred to judicial authorities. SAIC actively promoted the linkage between administrative enforcements and judicial procedures, and jointly issued Opinions on Several Issues Concerning the Establishment and Improvement on Enforcement Linkage Mechanism with the Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, and the Ministry of Public Security, which constituted a solid foundation for cooperation between different departments.

      Liu Junchen expressed that SAIC actively promoted the publicity of administrative penalties information, issued regulations including Opinions (Trial) on the Publicity of Administrative Penalties in relating to the Manufacture and Marketing Infringements and Counterfeits, and IP Infringements, and signed an MOU on Joint Supervision and Punishment to Discredited Enterprises with 37 relevant departments, and included the information on cracking down infringements and counterfeits as one part of enterprises credit supervision.

      Liu Junchen stressed to strengthen trademark administrative enforcement, improved linkage mechanism on administrative enforcement and judicial protection, and constantly increased the efficiencies and standards for double cracking down work. He proposed to firstly enhance and innovate law enforcement, to resolve both symptoms and causes, to improve top-level design, and to foster a new environment where the public and the government cracked down infringements and counterfeits by joint efforts. Second was to fully play the functions of trademark administrative enforcements and judicial protections the double tracks system in trademark protection, for complementing and connecting each other’s advantages organically. Third was to quicken the building of single net in the country to promote the sharing of information and form a joint supervision and punishment to trademark infringements and counterfeits. Fourth was to strengthen the linkage between administrative enforcement and judicial protection, to optimize information notifications, to refine transfer standards and procedures for cases and to improve transfer effects.

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