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Trademark Certificates Backlogs Solved

  • 2016-05-27
  •   In early April, when some media reported that trademark certificates delayed the issuing, SAIC paid great attentions on the report and took several measures to solve the backlogs, and promised to issue all trademark certificates to the holders before the end of May.

      Currently, the backlogs were solved and issuing of Trademark Certificates returned to normal.

      Besides the solving on backlog, trademark office by changing ways of issuing, simplifying formalities, optimizing procedures, and improving efficiencies, solved the waiting problem for Trademark Certifications. The issuing of Certifications would be instantly provided in trademark registration hall, and provided within 5 days if delivered by postal services. The issuing of Certification charged no fee for instant service. The application to Certifications following the traditional requirements would be processed within one month.

      For the next, Trademark Office would like to review all work procedures, and to facilitate applicants by other measures including simplifying some trademark application documents, opening fast lane for applications after registrations, and making online application available to all applicants.

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