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proposed by Liu Junchen when meeting with the visiting commissioner of Canadian Intellectual Property Office, Ms. Johanne Bélisle

  • 2016-07-04
  •   Jointly Improving Trademark Registrations and Protections for Enterprises’ Legitimate Interests -- proposed by Liu Junchen when meeting with the visiting commissioner of Canadian Intellectual Property Office, Ms. Johanne Bélisle

      On June 12, Liu Junchen, vice minister of SAIC met with the visiting commissioner of CIPO, Ms. Johanne Bélisle and other guests. Liu Junchen proposed to strengthen communication and cooperation to improve trademark registrations and protections and to protect enterprises’ legitimate interests and to make contributions for bilateral economic development and trade prosperity.

      Liu Junchen firstly welcomed Ms. Johanne Bélisle’s visiting and introduced her with the progress of China’s trademark registrations and protections. Liu Junchen indicated that Chinese government paid high attentions on intellectual property and made efforts for trademark development. With the constant deepening of business system reform, Chinese market’s vitality was triggered out comprehensively with many new enterprises emerged, which increased trademark applications and brought in new challenges for trademark registrations and protections. The improvements on public IP awareness and market environment created favorable atmosphere for enterprises’ brands buildings and developments. After the implementation of new Trademark Law, AIC and market supervision authorities promoted trademark registration and administration reform to reduce trademark registration time, to facilitate trademark registration and to benefit both domestic and overseas enterprises. At the same time, they strengthened trademark rights protection and created a level playing field for enterprises.

      Liu Junchen expressed that CIPO had a rich experience in trademark issue and hoped to strengthen communication and cooperation in simplifying trademark registration and review procedures, utilizing information technology, training human resources. He also hoped to effectively implement bilateral MOU and to protect legitimate interests of enterprises from both countries.

      Ms Johanne Bélisle thanked for the meeting with Liu Junchen. She highly appraised the work and achievements made by SAIC in promoting trademark strategy. She hoped through information exchange, staffs trainings, meetings and workshops and with the framework of MOU to strengthen communication, to study experience and to expand cooperation for both countries’ economic prosperity and development.

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