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Liu Junchen met with the visiting Commissioner of KIPO Mr. Choi Donggyou

  • 2016-07-04
  •   Making contributions by close cooperation for a sustainable development for Sino-Korean business and trade relationship-Liu Junchen met with the visiting Commissioner of KIPO Mr. Choi Donggyou

      On June 21, Liu Junchen, vice minister of SAIC met with the visiting commissioner of KIPO, Mr. Choi Donggyou. Liu Junchen hoped to strengthen bilateral communication and cooperation and make contribution for the sustainable development of Sino-Korean business and trade relations.

      Liu Junchen first welcomed the Commissioner’s visiting and introduced SAIC’s obligations, China’s trademark registrations and protections. He expressed that with the constant deepening of business system reform, there were 12,000 enterprises and 40,000 individuals registered for business, which increased the trademark applications. By the end of 2015, there were accumulatively 18.4027 trademark applications, producing great pressures for trademark work. SAIC actively promoted trademark registration facilitations, comprehensively improved work efficiencies, strictly implemented new Trademark Law, strengthened trademark right protections, and protected the level playing field for business. Liu Junchen indicated that Chinese government paid high attentions for IP protection and equally treated trademarks registered domestically and internationally. In recently years, both China and Korea treated innovation driven development as the first work, and IP protections were the strong guarantee for that development. He proposed to discuss the exchange mechanism in trademark examinations between both parties.

      Liu Junchen indicated that China and Korea were close friendly neighbors. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations 24 years before, through bilateral hard work, both countries kept a good cooperation and communication in IP relevant issues and visited by higher leaders frequently. SAIC would like to strengthen the communication with KIPO to organize high level meeting and expert workshop periodically, to enlarge trademark examiners’ cooperation, to strengthen the cooperation between both trademark associations, and to conduct detailed communications on specific trademark issues for promoting bilateral IP cooperation.

      Mr. Choi Donggyou introduced KIPO’s work and the revision of Korean trademark law. He well appraised China’s achievement in trademark legal system and showed his hopes in keeping current communication and strengthening IP cooperation.

      In the meeting, both sides also exchanged opinions on both concerned other trademark issues

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