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Liu Junchen was present at the work experience exchange meeting on trademark rights pledges and financings for AIC (Market Supervision) system

  • 2016-07-06
  •   Strengthening Trademark Registration System Reform, and Improving Trademark Public Service Level – Liu Junchen was present at the work experience exchange meeting on trademark rights pledges and financings for AIC (Market Supervision) system

      On June 22, the work experience exchange meeting and training on trademark rights pledges and financings for AIC (Market Supervision) system was organized in Taizhou of Zhejiang province. Liu Junchen, vice minister and the director general of Trademark Office was present at the meeting and made a speech. He required to enhance reform awareness, to comprehensively promote trademark registration and administration system reform, to strengthen the implementation of trademark and brand strategy, and to make efforts for improving trademark public service levels.

      Liu Junchen indicated that SAIC had been keeping high attentions on trademark rights pledges to actively support enterprises to finance by trademarks and to achieve the capitalization of trademark intangible assets. During the twelfth five-year plan period, AIC and market supervision system helped enterprises with 3863 trademark rights pledges for the total amount of 15.919 billion. After the pilot setting of pledges recording Taizhou, SAIC decided to enlarge and to add 25 new pilot areas, which was an important measure for reform, innovation and for facilitating applicants. He required the pilot areas to follow the deployment of the State Council on “streamlining administration, delegating power, strengthening regulation and improving service”, to perform and to implement SAIC’s requirements and all measures into reality.

      Liu Junchen stressed SAIC had insisted in reforms and legal buildings in recent years, tried to optimize trademark registration service, to strengthen practically the administration and enforcement, to foster a good brand development environment, to actively play trademark’s functions in serving innovation and development, and in promoting economic transformation. Under the new situation, to comprehensively promote trademark registration and administration reform, there were three issues needed. First was to implement trademark registration facilitation, to enlarge trademark application routes, to simplify and optimize trademark application formalities and procedures, and to improve trademark examinations. Second was to strengthen the normalization of trademark supervision to strengthen the attacks to infringements and counterfeits, to actively play trademark administrative enforcement and judicial protection’s function and enhance their connections to promote one net building in China and to legitimately strengthen trademark agents’ supervisions. Third was to promote the deepening of trademark strategy to strengthen publicity and to improve public trademark and brand awareness, to strengthen administrative instruction, to improve enterprises’ abilities in trademark utilization, protection and management, to promote the use of trademark enriching farmers, to promote agriculture products trademark into brands, and to practically strengthen trademark international registrations.

      Relevant staffs from the provincial level and city level AIC (Market Supervision) authorities and from the pilot areas joined the meeting. Taizhou government, Zhejiang, Fujian, and Anhui AICs and delegates from financial institutions and enterprises exchange experiences there.

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