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Implementing Trademark and Brand Strategy and Promoting the Transformation and Update of Economy – Liu Junchen was present at and addressed Shandong brand building meeting

  • 2016-07-06
  •   On June 16, Shandong brand building meeting with the top of making innovations and fostering brands for a big and strong development of Shandong’s economy was organized in Jinan. Guo Shuqing, deputy secretary of Shandong party committee and governor of the province was present at the meeting and addressed there. Xia Geng, vice governor hosted the meeting. Liu Junchen, vice minister of SAIC made a speech on the topic of implementing trademark and brand strategy and promoting the transformation and update of economy.

      Liu Junchen indicated that brand was an important carrier for the core value of enterprise, and an important power for driving market economic development. Brand competition was already the major way for world economic competitions. Implementing trademark and brand strategy, developing brand economy was a necessary choice under new situation to transform and update China’s economy. During the twelfth five-year plan period, AIC and Market Supervision authorities actively implemented trademark strategy and made remarkable achievement in trademark and brand buildings, which provided strong power for economic development.

      Liu Junchen expressed there was a big gap between China and other developed countries in trademark and brand development. The major problems were the lack of international famous brands, the shortage of economic benefit produced by brands, the low in brand’s internationalizations, and the weak in awareness and ability to expand international market by independent brands.

      Liu Junchen introduced that SAIC was taking different measures to promote with great efforts the trademark and brand development. First was to facilitate trademark registration to simplify formalities and to optimize procedures to promote new convenient ways for people. Second was to keep a high pressure on infringements and counterfeits, to combine attacks and precautions and to develop series of special actions, to deepen business system reform, to promote credit supervision and to jointly enforce and punish to illegal behaviors. Third was to fully play the active role of industrial associations and research institutions in the evaluation of trademark and brand buildings and to support China Trademark and Brand Research Institute to create Chinese characteristic and independent trademark and brand value appraisal system to issue brand development report and to improve China’s international status and speaking rights in brand evaluation. At the same time, SAIC would like to actively encourage and instruct domestic enterprises to focus on “One Belt and One Road” initiative to enlarge the arrangement of overseas intellectual property and to safeguard Chinese brands for going out strategy.

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