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Expanding Cooperation and Jointly Promoting Trademark Development

  • 2016-07-10
  •   Expanding Cooperation and Jointly Promoting Trademark Development 

      --- Zhang Mao met with the visiting deputy director general of WIPO Ms. Wang Binying

      On June 28, Zhang Mao, minister of SAIC, met with the visiting deputy director general of WIPO, Ms. Wang Binying. Zhang Mao hoped to consolidate current achievements, expanded cooperation, and promoted progress for trademark development.

      Zhang Mao welcomed Wang Binying and other guests’ visiting and thanked WIPO for its support to SAIC. Zhang Mao expressed that with the constant deepening of trademark system reform, China’s market vitality was triggered out comprehensively and public IP protection awareness was strengthened constantly, which formed a good environment for enterprises’ brand development and brought in progress for trademarks. Under the unified deployment of the State Council, SAIC focused on streamlining administrations and delegating powers, strengthening regulations and improving services to comprehensively promote trademark registration and administration system reform, to improve trademark public service, to simplify procedures and formalities, and to facilitate trademark application and registration, to strengthen the implementation of trademark strategy, and to carry out new Trademark Law to strengthen the protections on trademark exclusive rights and to protect Chinese brands’ development.

      Zhang Mao expressed that the re-signing of MOU between SAIC and WIPO promoted the bilateral relations to a new level. SAIC would like to support and jointly organized the 125 anniversaries events for Madrid system with WIPO and the 2017 World GI Symposium. He hoped to expand cooperation in Madrid system promotions, trademark protections, HR exchange to promote constant development of trademarks.

      Wang Binying, on behalf of Francis Gurry, the director general of WIPO, thanked for Zhang Mao and showed the appreciations for SAIC’s achievement in promoting trademark development. She expressed that the constant increase in trademark applications and registrations, the biggest number in trademark accumulative applications, trademark accumulative registrations and those still in force showed the remarkable improvement in trademark examination efficiency. China as an active participants and contributors in trademark global governance contributed a lot for trademark related international treaties’ development. Based on WIPO’s statistic, by the end of May this year, the applications filed from China increased 80% compared with previous year. China as one important member of Madrid Union, has been the most frequent designated country. With more domestic enterprises going out, Madrid system would help China’s economy integrated globally, and create favorable environments for independent brands buildings and enterprises transformation and updates. WIPO had great expectations for that and hoped to expand bilateral cooperation.

      Before the meeting, Wang Binying went for Trademark Building and talked about Madrid E-communication, trademark figure elements retrieval and other issues with staffs from Trademark Office.

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