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Deputy Director General of WIPO Visited Trademark Office

  • 2016-08-04
  •   In the morning of June 28, Wang Binying, deputy director general of WIPO and Chen Hongbing, director of WIPO China Office visited Trademark Office and met with Cui Shoudong, deputy director general of Trademark Office.

      Cui Shoudong, on behalf of Liu Junchen, vice minister of SAIC and the director general of Trademark Office, welcomed the delegates and accompanied them to visit Trademark Building and listened to introductions from Trademark Registration Hall and International Registration Division.

      Cui Shoudong introduced the updates of trademarks in China and the undergoing reform to facilitate trademark registrations. He expressed the reform would target at facilitating trademark registration to provide convenient services for applicants, to improve trademark examination efficiencies and to improve trademark public service. He said Trademark Office would like to follow the reform, the openness, the democracy to build China into a trademark power country.

      Wang Binying expressed that China was the active participant and contributor in trademark global governance, and offered a lot for trademark international treaties’ developments. The quick development in China’s trademarks, the obvious achievements in Trademark Office, the number 1 trademark application and valid registration volumes all showed that China was a trademark big country. The new revised Trademark Law was a strong protection for trademark development and increased examination efficiency. She introduced that WIPO appreciated which done already, and concerned a lot on China’s reform to facilitate trademark registration and wished Trademark Office with reform to be a global model in trademark public service.

      Both sides also made deep communication on bilateral cooperation, trademark database sharing, the joint organization of 2017 World GI Symposium, graphic elements retrieval, Madrid electronic communication, the application of Madrid Protocol for Hong Kong SAR and other issues.

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