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Liu Junchen held a meeting with delegates from the American Chamber of Commerce in China

  • 2016-08-04
  •   Smooth Communication Channel and Promote Sino-US Cooperation

      On June 29, Liu Junchen, vice minister of SAIC met with the delegates from the American Chamber of Commerce in China. Liu Junchen hoped to smooth communication channel, create a favorable environment for both Chinese and American enterprises, and jointly promote the progress and development of Sino-US economic cooperation relationship.

      Liu Junchen welcomed the delegates and appreciated for their efforts in promoting Sino-US economic and trade cooperation. Liu Junchen indicated that SAIC as the government department in charge of market supervision and relevant administrative enforcement, had been working for the building of a relaxed equal access environment, a level playing market environment, and a safe and reassuring consumption environment. He mentioned that SAIC currently focused on its obligations, constantly promoted business system reform, strengthened supervision in and after the business and revised trademark law and other regulations, and made remarkable progress in major fields such as in fostering market entities, promoting trademark registration and protection, and cracking down infringements and counterfeits.

      Liu Junchen expressed that the American Chamber of Commerce in China had been reporting reasonable requirements of American enterprises to Chinese government departments and keeping a effective communication. The Chamber issued American Business in China (White Paper) for 18 years, which proposed active suggestions for Chinese economic reform and business environment. He hoped the Chamber to continue support SAIC’s work and raised out constructive suggestions and opinions to jointly promote Sino-US economic and trade cooperation relationship development.

      Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, Mr. James Zimmerman, on behalf of the chamber members showed the appreciations for the meeting opportunity with vice minister Mr. Liu Junchen, introduced and sent 2016 American Business in China (White Paper). Zimmerman indicated that the Chamber paid great attentions to the reforms being implemented in China, kept a long stable cooperation communication with SAIC, and hoped strengthen communication in relevant fields in future. He promised the Chamber would like to support SAIC’s work in promoting business system reform, protecting a level playing environment and improving trademark registration and protection to promote American business a healthy development in China and made active contribution for China’s economic development.

      During the meeting, Both sides also exchanged opinions on the major contents in 2016 American Business in China (White Paper), and discussed business online registration, trademark and brand protection, attacks on infringements and counterfeits and other common concerns.

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