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Measures of Reform to Facilitate Trademark Registrations Were Implemented in Ya’an and Taizhou by Setting Trademark Application Windows

  • 2016-08-04
  •   On July 5, and 6, the launching ceremonies of trademark application windows in Ya’an and Taizhou AICs were organized, which were a detail measure for SAIC to carry out the State Council’s deployments on “streamlining administrations, delegating power, strengthening regulation and improving service” and to make great efforts to promote the reform.

      Recently, trademark awareness was strengthened in the whole society, trademark and brand also played important functions in economic transformation, and therefore the public required the application of trademarks and the reform to facilitate applications. In facing of the social voices and desires, Trademark Office would comprehensively, voluntarily and strongly promote the reform and some measures were already carried out and smoothly developed.

      According to information, the trademark application windows in Ya’an and Taizhou were authorized by Trademark Office, and in charge of the acceptance of trademark application documents filed by regional person, legal person and other organizations, the formality checks on documents, and the consultation on trademarks for regional market entities. The trademark application windows would develop into mode windows to provide high quality and quick services for enterprises, to show the achievements in streamlining administrations and delegating power and improving efficiency, and to promote local economic and social sustainable healthy development.

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