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Patent Pledge Financing Exceeds 56 Billion Yuan in 2015

2016-02-19 08:15:17  Source: China IP News

2015 witnessed notable progress in China’s IP pledge financing. Some 2,000 enterprises secured 56 billion yuan with patent pledge all through the year. Sampling results on 20 patent pledge projects showed that enterprises involved generated 3.77 billion yuan in sales and 320 million yuan in profits.  

According to a representative from Patent Administration Department under SIPO, during the 12th Five-Year plan period, over 5,000 enterprises secured a total of 153.3 billion yuan with annual growth rate of 58% .For example, a Shijiazhuang-based heating equipment company secured a loan of 80 million yuan by pledging 6 patents, effectively easing the pressure on the company’s fund which triggered more R&D investment. Meanwhile, the recognition of financial institutions on patented products enhanced the popularity of products and the annual sales volume rose to 120 thousand from 16 thousand, with 360 million yuan in sales, up 650%.  

In a bid to speed up the perfection of IP financial service mechanism , SIPO issued Opinions on Further Promoting IP Financial Services in 2015 to strengthen policy and professional guidance on IP pledge financing, improve IP value assessment and analysis and strengthen risk management on pledge and financing. Under the concerted efforts of IP organs at all levels, the development of patent pledge financing tends to be normal and on large scale. Latest statistic revealed that the top 10 provinces and municipalities in terms of patent pledge financing amount are Shandong (8.026 billion yuan),Ningxia(7.146 billion yuan),Guangdong(5.894 billion yuan), Liaoning(4.192 billion yuan), Zhejiang(3.638 billion yuan), Beijing(3.36 billion yuan), Inner Mongolia(3.005 billion yuan), Fujian(2.316 billion yuan), Jiangsu(2.195 billion yuan) and Sichuan(2.04 billion yuan). The top ten provinces and municipalities in the light of numbers of IP pledge projects are Zhejiang(240)、Shaanxi(235)、Shandong(205)、Beijing(192)、Guangdong(169)、Jiangsu(161)、Fujian(142)、Anhui(112)、Tianjin(100)、Sichuan(71).

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