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Further Strengthening Communications and Practically Promoting China-Israel Relations

  • 2016-01-29
  •   Further Strengthening Communications and Practically Promoting China-Israel Relations

      ---Vice Minister of SAIC Liu Junchen met with the visiting Director-General of Israel’s Ministry of Economy Amit Lang     

      On January 6, Liu Junchen, Vice Minister of SAIC met with the visiting Director-General of Israel’s Ministry of Economy Amit Lang. Liu Junchen proposed to strengthen communications, to enlarge cooperation, and to take practical measures to promote the development of China and Israel relations.

      Liu Junchen firstly welcomed Amit Lang and other delegates to visit SAIC and introduced SAIC’s functions, China’s business system reform, Anti-Monopoly Law and trademark work progress. Liu Junchen expressed that since 2013, SAIC started the business system reform, to facilitate business registrations and to support SME developments, which promoted popular entrepreneurship and mass innovation, and increased market entities. Currently, there were more than 7.7 million market entities in China and daily increase was nearly 11, 000. At the same time, trademark applications also grew quickly. There were about 2.8 million applications received in 2015, and the accumulative applications reached 18 million, accumulative registrations 12 million and 10 million still in force. China took a dual track system, using judicial and administrative powers to protect trademarks. The Chinese government highly valued IP rights protection, and equally treated domestic and foreign trademarks. AIC authorities taking responsibilities to trademark holders and more than 1.3 billion consumers, annually investigated and punished about 50,000 trademark violation cases,

      Liu Junchen expressed that China and Israel had a close cooperation, and founded vice-premier level Innovation Cooperation Joint-Commission. He indicated that Israel was reputed for its innovation experiences and wished to learn them. As both members of the Commission, SAIC and Israel’s Ministry of Economy had a vast cooperation space in anti-monopoly and in consumer rights protection. Currently, the two departments were negotiating an MOU together, he hoped to early reach consensus and signed it.

      Amit Lang expressed his very willing to strengthen cooperation with SAIC. He highly appreciated China’s business system reform and the work in strengthening trademark protection. He believed those actions would foster an international and legal environment for China domestic and foreign investors. He indicated that Israel also strengthened same reforms to relief enterprises and to promote their developments and to increase employments. He stressed that China’s reform would attract more Israeli enterprise having great interests in China to invest here.

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