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People’s Daily: Valid Trademark Registrations Hit a Volume of 10 million

People’s Daily: Valid Trademark Registrations Hit a Volume of 10 million


  In 2015 China Trademark Festival organized on October 17, Liu Junchen, vice Minister of SAIC indicated that since the further implementation of business system reform, market entities increased greatly, their awareness to trademarks also grew quickly, therefore trademark applications also grew sharply. By October 7, China has accumulatively 10.04 million valid trademark registrations, the first time to hit 10 million target.

  Liu Junchen introduced that the new Trademark Law, since its officially implementation, has further simplified trademark registration and examination procedure to facilitate trademark applicants in applications. SAIC actively promoted trademark registration into an easy and convenient way and to create a good brand development environment for popular entrepreneurship and mass innovation. SAIC also extended the publicity of its trademark database and on-line application to provide more convenient public service for market entities to apply trademarks and to protect their trademark rights.

  Liu Junchen stressed as to malicious registrations and infringements, AIC authorities and market supervision authorities would remain a high pressure on those illegal behaviors. Special actions to those shoddy goods in daily consumption markets and those infringements in internet were also planned to conduct to practically protect the brand owner’s legitimate interests.

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