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Deeping International Cooperation and Jointly Promoting Global IP Protections – Liu Junchen joined World GI Symposium

  • 2015-12-28

    Deeping International Cooperation and Jointly Promoting Global IP Protections – Liu Junchen joined World GI Symposium

      On October 20, Liu Junchen, vice minister of SAIC lead a team to Budapest of Hungary for World GI Symposium and made a speech at the opening ceremony.

      Liu Junchen at his speech, on behalf of SAIC, congratulated the opening of World GI Symposium and introduced SAIC’s achievements in incenting market vitalities, strengthening Trademark and GI protections. Liu Junchen indicated that the business system reform undertaken by SAIC currently reduced the threshold for market entry and incented market internal vigor. With many new registered enterprises, China’s brand industry has a quick development. Trademark applications for the first eight months of 2015 were 1.868 million, an increase of 30.2 % compared with the same period. The annual application would be a new high this year.

      Liu Junchen indicated that since the entry of WIPO, China’s government seriously implemented relevant articles of Trademark Law to constantly strengthen the protection to agricultural products trademarks and GIs, to constantly increase farmers’ abilities in utilizing relevant marks to increase their incomes, which well promoted the stable development of agriculture industry and the continuous increase in farmers’ incomes. SAIC highly valued trademark’s and GI’s registration and protection and registered accumulatively more than 11.597 trademarks by now. AIC authorities at all levels also strengthened the administrative protections to GI, investigated a series of illegal behaviors which infringed GI exclusive rights to protect the legitimate rights for GI certification mark owners and users.

      Liu Junchen indicated that SAIC has conducted many activities with WIPO to promote GI development and provided a good communication platform for global IP industry. With the deepening of economic globalization and international communication, SAIC would like to keep and develop current good relations with WIPO, and to strengthen the connections with each country’s IP authorities to jointly promote the development for global IP industry.

      During the symposium, Liu Junchen met WIPO Director General Francis Gurry and made a deep discussion for mutual cooperation and for 2017 World GI Symposium to be held in China. He also had a bilateral leaders’ meeting with the president of OHIM Antonio Campinos. At the interview by Hungary Economic Radio, Liu Junchen indicated that the new Trademark Law facilitated trademark application, safeguarded fair and competitive market order, and strengthened trademark rights’ protections. SAIC conducted actions to cracking down infringements and counterfeits had made a certain achievement, and would further promote relevant work, conduct international cooperation, strongly implemented brand strategy to promote IP protections and development.

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