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Liu Junchen joined 2015 China Trademark Festival and Made a Topic Speech

  • From October 16 to 19, 2015 China Trademark hosted by China Trademark Association was organized in Haikou of Hainan province. Liu Junchen, vice Minister of SAIC joined the Festival and made a speech with the topic of “Strengthening Trademark and Brand Buildings to Promote Brand Economy Development” at its main forum “the second China Brand Economy Summit Forum”.

      Liu Junchen indicated that the role of trademark and brand to promote economic development had become prominent in the recent years. Enterprises’ awareness to trademarks were increased greatly, and trademark application grew quickly. Since the further implementation of business system reform, market entities grew quickly, and trademark application also grew sharply. By the end of September, accumulatively speaking, there are 17.6417 million trademark registrations and 11.7629 applications, all ranked number 1 in the world. By the early October, China’s valid trademark registrations reached 10.04 million, hitting the 10 million target for the first time. The trademark and brand competitiveness increased remarkably. The procedure for internationalization of trademarks also quickened. By the end of this August, the Madrid international registrations reached 19590 for China.

      Liu Junchen stressed that also we have a big result in trademark development, we still need to find the existing weakness, and strengthen trademark building as the first choice for promoting economic transformation and fully play trademark’s leading function. The building and foster of enterprises’ brand need the foundation of credibility. Industrial, commerce and market supervision authorities shall follow each function, play the role of credibility supervision in trademark and brand buildings and strengthen the credibility construction and administration to trademark agencies.

      Liu Junchen said innovation was the continuous power for trademark and brand development. In the procedure of trademark building, we shall insist in innovation, and quicken the foster of trademarks and brands for their international reputations and competitiveness. Liu Junchen stressed that brand building and brand economic development need to further strengthen the legal constructions for trademarks and brands. We need to constantly perfect trademark legal system to provide strong legal protection for brand economic development for the first. Second was to strengthen market supervision according to laws and to foster a fair and honest market environment for brand buildings. Third was to strengthen promotions and trainings to increase market entities’ trademark legal awareness. Last was to fully deploy the public to make supervision and to foster a public interactive construction system for cracking down infringements and counterfeits.

      This year’s Trademark Festival has abundant contents and rich varieties. Besides the second China Brand Economy Summit Forum, it also hosted the forum on the practices of International laws, the forum on intellectual property service innovation and the standard system development and other sub-forums, and China Trademark Exhibition.

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