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Does the attorney include "responding to substantive office actions" in the flat fee?

If the attorney only includes responses to "non-substantive" office actions or otherwise China trademark search the time that he/she will spend on prosecuting your application (there are various tasks involved along the way is patent trademark agency , such as filing certain kinds of evidence, filing certain required forms and taking other necessary action to keep the application alive and well) then you are not really getting a flat fee, are you? So be sure that these tasks are included in your flat fee. Do you get your money back if your trademark search reveals problems and you can't file for your Register trademark service in China ? This one shocks many people. You mean I might pay for company registration form ? Indeed you might. There is no guarantee that a trademark search will not reveal that there are prior similar trademarks that will prevent yours from registering. In that case, determine what happens. Some attorneys will simply keep your money, some will charge you only for the search, some will offer a discount on a new search and at least one will give you another full search for free. Also, be sure that the attorney will first run simple "knockout" searches before doing the full trademark search. This is because these are easy and less expensive (Free search trademark in China) to do and it can save you from having to use your fee on the full search. Look for an attorney who will conduct an unlimited number of knockout searches for you. This is rare. Does the attorney give you patent registration cost in china consultation time? Simply put, if not, then avoid him/her. As a trademark attorney I know that the process is Trademark search detailed and often confusing and that it requires much back-and-forth between the attorney and the client to ensure that the application is filed correctly. This is why you look for a flat fee. I often spend several hours on "pre-work" before the application is filed and some of this involves communicating with the client and asking certain questions. This is absolutely not something that can be avoided in some cases. How many classes of goods and services are included in the flat fee? Most attorneys only include one. A find company registration number include more than one. The more the better. Often your products or services will cut across multiple classes and you should not have to pay more (even though it requires more work on the part of the attorney). This is simply a fact that the attorney must factor into the flat fee it charges everyone if he/she chooses to charge more, otherwise again, you're not getting a flat fee are you? Now that you are a completely educated consumer of trademark services, you can put your money to much better work than before. 

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