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Trademark Office broadened promotions by GI program with China National Radio

  • 2013-04-19
  •   In recent years, Trademark Office actively performed its duty and at the same time paid high attentions to promotions of GI and agricultural products marks. Through unremitting efforts, GI has entered into the public and drawn more and more attentions.


      China National Radio (CNR) is the national radio of People’s Republic of China, one of the most important and powerful media. In September 2012, Trademark Office of SAIC innovated and broadened promotions by cooperation with China Rural Radio (Xiang Cun Zhi Sheng). It provided materials and clues in relating to GI and agricultural products marks to the radio’s program “Rural Area (Xiang Tu Xiang Qing)” and arranged a GI examination expert daily to accept telephone interview and to introduce knowledge and authentications of GI products, which publicized trademark knowledge, broadened GI’s influences, enriched the rural public’s spiritual necessities and promoted the economic development in rural area.


       China Rural Radio is the youngest one among all radios of CNR, the first national radio for rural area. Since its first show on September 25, 2012, it has oriented in public benefits, services and practicality. It also strengthened the cooperation with ministries and departments in relating to agriculture to provide authoritative information and practical knowledge to support rural area. SAIC Trademark Office has made lots of effective works in GI and agricultural marks. The policy of implementing trademark strategy to enrich farmers has already enjoyed popular support. At the beginning preparation of China Rural Radio, it planned to make a daily introduce to one GI product, which got strong support from trademark office. Since the beginning, it already introduced more than 200 GI products, and the broadcasting rating top ranked among all programs of CNR.


      CNR delivered a thanks letter before the Spring Festival to SAIC Trademark Office for the cooperation, especially the daily timely connection with experts, which guaranteed the variety and authority of GI products promotions and got public’s recognitions and welcomes. The letter also expressed SAIC was the ministry having the most practical and closest cooperation with China Rural Radio and mutual cooperation has the best effect. Experts of Geographical Indications Examination Division of SAIC’s Trademark Office provided patiently supports for the program, which guaranteed it professional, authoritative and successful. The letter hoped to strengthen current cooperation to make the program get more popularity and colors, and also hoped a more widely cooperation with other departments of SAIC.


      GI needs a good registration, utilization, management and protection. It also needs a good promotion. Only promotion can help the public deeply understand and support GI works, can found a better foundation for GI developments, and can better play the active role of GI in new socialistic countryside construction.

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