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Vice Minister Mr. Fu Shuangjian Attended IP Press Conference and Stressed a Solid Foundation for the Change from a Trademark Big Country to a Strong One

  • 2013-05-21
  •   In the morning of April 25, the Information Office of State Council held a press conference in Beijing on the development of Intellectual Properties. Vice Minister Mr. Fu Shuangjian indicated in response to questions that AICs at all levels would take the spirits of Party’s 18th Congress, in light of the realities to serve innovations and drive developments, focus on trademark effective implementations and legitimate protections, strongly promote trademark innovations in practices, theories and mechanisms, and comprehensively enhance the legal construction, normalization, standardization and information buildingfor trademark, therefore to lay a solid foundation for the initial change from a Trademark Big Country to a Strong One.


      Mr. Fu said AICs seriously carried out National Intellectual Property Strategy Outline to comprehensively promoted trademark strategy implementation and basically found a relatively complete promotion system to implement trademark strategy thereby trademark awareness of the whole society was increased remarkably, trademark legal environment was optimized continuously, and trademark registration, implementation, protection and management standard were improved constantly. Currently, the numbers of China’s Trademark accumulative application, accumulative registration and registration in force all top the world, which lay a good foundation for the strategy to serve innovations and drive developments.


      In 2012, SAIC accepted 1.648 million trademark applications, accumulated to 11.36 million, and remained world top.


      Mr. Fu said there was a big gap in relating to trademark development between China and some real trademark big countries, considering the poor ability in trademark implementation, absence of real world famous mark, and occasionally happened trademark infringement.


      Mr. Fu also introduced the followed trademark key works, which were to strongly promote market entities’ trademark implementation ability and foster world famous marks, to gradually build a classified instruction to trademark strategy implementation, encourage and instruct market entities to establish and implement a customized trademark strategy and improve their trademark implementation abilities and standards, and to quicken the construction of trademark protection long term mechanism, promote an interconnected trademark enforcement platform, continuously keep high pressures to infringement and counterfeiting. In 2013, AICs would initially complete the construction of two platformson “trademark administrative enforcement information”and”administrative enforcement and judicial practice information exchanging”, and take the opportunity of Trademark Law revision to further improve trademark law and regulations, comprehensively improve efficiencies and qualities in trademark registration and management and promote a healthy development of trademark work.


      According to introduction, on December 24, 2012, the thirtieth session of the Standing Committee of the eleventh NPC made the first discussion to the draft revision of Trademark Law. If revised, the law would further promote the integration of China’s Trademark system with International rules, optimize rights affirmation procedures, enhance protectionsto exclusive rights to use trademark and provide legal protection for the sustainable healthy development of trademark work.

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