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Beijing Issued Opinions on Trademark Strategy to Foster “Brand Beijing”

  • 2013-07-10
  •      Recently, Beijing Municipal Government issued Opinions to deeply implement trademark strategy to promote development for capital brand economy (hereinafter referred to as the Opinions), which officially established the trademark development mechanism that is based on enterprises, guided by the market, promoted by government and supported by society. It also established a trademark strategy promotion office (the general office was in Beijing AIC and relative authorities were its members), which changed trademark strategy work from single work of AIC to cooperation of relative authorities given more attentions by the party and government and full support by policies, and marked Beijing’s trademark strategy implementation developed intensively.

      The Opinions required to comprehensively understand the significance of trademark strategy to the development of capital brand economy. Currently, Beijing has 395664 effective marks and 157 well known marks which all ranked first among four municipalities directly under the Central Government. Beijing also has 559 famous marks and 8 geographical indications. However there is a gap between the numbers of world famous brands and the target of building a world city, and the promoting function of trademark strategy to capital brand economy needs further development.

      The Opinions clarified general requirements and targets of Beijing to implement trademark strategy. It proposed to actively foster brands of “Beijing Service” and “Beijing Creation”, to pay attention on brand Beijing and to establish capital brand image. It suggested to realize the comprehensively enhancement of enterprises in trademark registration, utilization, protection and administration in 2015 and to remarkably improve capital brands’ independence, high end, agglomeration and internationalization. Trademark strategy therefore has a more remarkable status in service innovation drive development, a more close combination with Beijing economic and social development policy and a more significant role in promoting capital economic core competitiveness.

      The Opinions made intensified elaborations to five main tasks of trademark strategy implementation including updating industrial structures, crating independent innovation brands, fostering cultural brands, driving agricultural structure adjustments and integrating local economic developments. It also proposed five measures including fully playing enterprises’ roles, performing government’s administrative services, widely attracting social organization’s functions, creating trademark utilization and service platform and improving trademark administration and enforcement efficiencies.

      The Opinions also made deployments and requirements in improving organizational protections, establishing incentive mechanisms, enhancing exchange and cooperation, strengthening municipal brand promotions to accelerate capital trademark brand constructions. 

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