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Hubei AIC strengthened Credit-based Classified Supervision to Agencies

  • 2013-11-13
  •   Recently, Hubei AIC issued Notification on Strengthening Credit-based Classified Supervision to Trademark Agencies, and tried to use this particular way to further regulate agency market order, instruct an honest operation, and to promote a healthy and quick development of trademarks in Hubei Province.


      I. Establish standard for Credit-based classification and evaluation.

      It on the basis of trademark agencies’ daily performances, divided agencies into four classes (Class A, B, C and D). The evaluation standard was formed by three aspects: clients’ comments, daily supervision assessment and concentrated evaluation.


      II. Build and perfect a mechanism to promote classified supervision

      It steadily formed a credit supervision mechanism including incentive, punitive and eliminative one to implement classified instructions and supervisions to agencies of different classes. It took the following specific measures: to make the list of agencies whose credit were above Class C to the public in its web portal and provincial main media and to report the list to SAIC; to instruct entities to choose agency who has a high credit value in the procedure of trademark registration, implementation, management and protection; to establish models from agencies whose credit were above Class A; to strengthen daily supervision and instruction to agencies whose credit were Class C; to alert agencies whose credit were Class D and notify them a quick rectification and strengthen the supervision to them.


      III. Strengthen daily supervision

      It made a detailed inspection to trademark agencies within its region and comprehensively understood their basic situations and main problems. It combined the Credit-based classified supervision, on the basis of real necessities, strongly promoted mechanism constructions including contract normalized text, commitment on honest operation, publicity of service and fee, and etc. It also fully played the role of grass-root AIC branches in local market administration to enhance daily supervision to agencies. It unhindered the channel for complaints and reports and timely invested illegal actions to practically regulate the operation order among trademark agencies.

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