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Liu Junchen attended and addressed at the opening ceremony of national AIC system’s new Trademark Law Training Class

  • 2014-01-21

      The national AIC system’s new Trademark Law Training Class was held simultaneously within new law promotional teachers’ training class in SAIC Administration School. Party member and Vice Minister of SAIC, Liu Junchen attended and addressed there.

      Liu Junchen indicated to further study and implement the spirit of the third plenary session of the 18th CPC’s National Congress, to actively create a new situation for AIC’s legal construction, AIC system needed to comprehensively understand the significance of new law’s promotion and education and to ensure their solid effects.

      He stressed to make a good use of new Trademark Law’s study and education, to actively promote relevant regulations’ legislation, revision and revocation and to ensure the new law’s successful implementation. AIC system should take the opportunity of new law’s implementation, and make efforts to create a new situation for trademark work. It should do a good and lawful job in trademark registrations to provide public service in high quality, improve administrative mechanism to strengthen trademark exclusive rights’ protection according to the law, enhance the regulation and administration on behaviors in relation to the usage of well-known trademarks on the basis of law to maintain an honest and competitive market order, lawfully strengthen the supervision to trademark agencies and regulate relevant market order, and solidly promote foundational work to provide strong guarantees for new law’s successfully implementation.

      He emphasized to seize the opportunity of new law’s promotion and education to push forward AIC legal construction to a new legal. AIC system should constantly strengthen the awareness to reforms, promote the functional change in position, increase service consciousness to foster a new AIC enforcement image, and enhance the responsibilities to make effort for the objective of AIC legal construction.

      Leaders and directors responsible for trademark work from provincial level AICs attended the two days training class, and relevant people from trademark office and trademark review and adjudication board made special subjects lessons there. During the class, the attendees took group discussions on the topic of trademark which offered advices and suggestions for future work. They also expressed to make good use of the study, promotion and implementation of new Trademark Law to promote trademark work to a new level.


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