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Zhang Mao came to Trademark Building to visit and encourage staffs

  • 2014-03-20
  •   In the morning of January 29, Secretary of Party Committee and Minister of SAIC, Zhang Mao specially visited China Trademark Office, warmly encouraged and extended his New Year’s wishes to all staffs there from Trademark Office, Trademark Review and Adjudication Board, Tongda Trademark Service Center and the building’s logistic department.

      Zhang Mao, accompanied by responsible person from SAIC General Office, Trademark Office, Logistic Office, Trademark Review and Adjudication Board and Tongda Service Center, visited trademark application hall, office areas of Tongda Service Center, Trademark Review and Adjudication Board and Trademark Office. He kindly talked with all staffs, and extended his New Year’s wishes there. He also raised expectations for future trademark work.

      Zhang Mao pointed out that in spite of severe situations of sharp rises in trademark applications, staffs from Trademark Office, Trademark Review and Adjudication Board and Tongda Trademark Service Center have been unified together and worked diligently to reach a remarkable achievement. He encouraged to fully deploy advantages of each department, to actively innovate work manners, to continuously promote a long term mechanism suitable for constantly increasing application and to promote a new level of trademark work in the next year.

      On the occasion of the New Year, SAIC leader specially visited Trademark Building and encouraged staffs there, which deeply moved and inspired all the people. 

      Staffs working there expressed to not disappoint the expectations and to make proactive, diligent efforts to further improve the quality and efficiency in trademark examinations and reviews, to actively work with SAIC to promote institutional innovations and to make contributes in real actions for trademark developments and achievements.

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