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Liu Junchen: To consolidate top design and policy implementation for a good brand cultivation environment

  • 2014-04-11

    Liu Junchen, NPC representative and Vice minister of SAIC, emphasized to consolidate top design and policy implementation for a good brand cultivation environment when talking about brand building

          By the end of 2013, there were accumulative 13.24 million trademark applications, 8.65 million trademark registrations and 7.238 million registrations still in force. The three figures all ranks number one in the world. The huge trademark volume provides abundant resources for brand economic development and also cultivates a series of world famous brands. There are 25 brands in the list of World Brand Lab’s Top 500 Global Brands in 2013, 10 more brands compared with the list of 2008. State owned enterprises such as ICBC, State Grid, and private enterprises including Lenovo, Huawei are all in the list.

            However, in China, famous brands only take a little share, and their credits and reputations need to be improved. The contribution of brand economy to economic and social development in China is far less than that in developed countries. According to domestic estimation, Trademark Intensive Industry’s contribution to GDP is only 6.44% in China, far lower than the average level 30% in developed countries.

            Liu Junchen expressed that brand building was the key strategy in economic transformation. To develop brand economy, the enterprises themselves should pay constant efforts. The government departments should also quicken their obligation transformations, strengthen public services and market supervisions, think big in top design, consolidate policy implementations from small areas and foster a good brand cultivating market environment for enterprises. He also expressed that government should not hold its power on every things. It should distinguish government behavior with market behavior. It should build a service oriented government to enlarge service areas, to deploy market entities’ activities and to improve their abilities in brand implementation and protection.

            Liu Junchen set Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region as an example to indicate that the Region should fully play regional and industrial advantages, develop regional characteristic economy, foster industrial brand clusters, gather radiation effects and strengthen regional economic core competitiveness. He said the Region should clearly understand brand economy’s function in economic transformation. It shall focused on resources advantages of abundant volumes in coal, natural gas and non-ferrous metal, number one installed wind capacity, national top outside delivered electricity, and milk production, to optimize regional distribution of brand resources and to promote trademark brand resources into real productivity.

           Liu Junchen suggested relying on the motivations of leading enterprises brands and collective marks to quicken the formation of brand cluster effects. It should treat the leading enterprises as the core divisions, coordinate and distributed relevant SMEs to promote industrial cluster and to drive regional economic development. It should also instruct market entities such as industrial associations and farmers specialized cooperation organizations to improve their abilities in Geographical Indications’ registration, implementation and protection, actively play Geographical Indications’ functions on agriculture and husbandry industrialization, on relevant workers’ income growth, and on relevant production and output base constructions, transform resources advantages into competition advantages, and promote their advantages into special featured market entities with large scale productions and sales, and strong impetus functions in rural economy.

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