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Liu Junchen, Vice Minister of SAIC investigated in BAIC and Zhongguancun branch of Trademark Office

  • 2014-04-11
  •          On March 21, 2014, Liu Junchen, Member of SAIC Party Committee and Vice Minister of SAIC went to BAIC and Zhongguancun Branch of Trademark Office for investigations.

           Liu Junchen visited Registration Service Hall of Haidian Branch of BAIC, BAIC’s Advertisement Monitoring Center, Registration Service Center and 12315 Complaint and Report Center, the Acceptance Window and Office area of Zhongguancun Branch of Trademark Office. He investigated enterprises registration procedures, advertisement monitor, and trademark acceptance, visited staffs from BAIC and Zhongguancun Branch, talked with relevant staffs and listened to their work reports.

           Liu Junchen fully affirmed the works in BAIC and Trademark Office Zhongguancun Branch. He pointed out BAIC has done many good jobs which innovated promotional experiences and reproducible modes. It also had a great progress in trademark work and played important instructive roles in trademark strategy implementation. He also praised Trademark Office Zhongguancun Branch for their contributions to serve enterprises and regional economic development.

           Liu Junchen stressed the work of promoting AIC registration system reform and duty transformation was arduous. BAIC needed to continue the active exploration, audacious practice and innovation, to change supervision mode, and to accumulate good experience in power delegation, less restriction and strict supervision to market entities. BAIC also needed to follow new Trademark Law’s requirement, to coordinate with SAIC in agents’ supervisions and to establish a communication and coordination work mechanism. It also needed to strengthen promotions, to enhance the analysis and utilization of materials and data, to play a demonstrative role for national trademark work.

           Liu Junchen encouraged Zhongguancun Branch to continue playing the role of window service, and to make contributions for promoting trademark strategy and Beijing local brands development. It needed to, as a bridge linking SAIC and BAIC, enhance communications, study and promote local experiences. It also needed to actively play the demonstrative roles and to make first step in innovation and exploration.

           Liu Junchen urged to take the opportunity of new Trademark Law’s implementation, to make better in trademark registrations and supervisions. AIC’s instructions, enterprises’ dominant roles and market’s decisive functions needed to actively and fully played to promote the centrality of trademark strategy into effective utilization and legitimate protection. AICs should explore a trademark examination and review long term mechanism to safeguard the legal time limit, strengthen the cracking downs on infringements and counterfeiting, establish another long term mechanism combining daily supervision with special campaign, seriously implement new Trademark Law to strengthen the supervision on usage of well known trademarks and to institutionally promote the normalization of well known trademark determinations.

           Relevant responsible personnel from Trademark Office, Trademark Review and Adjudication Board, China Trademark Association, Tongda Trademark Service Center accompanied the investigation.

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