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SAIC organized news conference for implementing new Trademark Law,where Liu Junchen expressed to serve reform and development, and to promote trademark work

  • 2014-05-16
  •   On April 25, SAIC organized a news conference for implementing new Trademark Law. Liu Junchen, Vice Minister of SAIC was present at the conference and answered journalists’ questions. Liu Junchen expressed to take the opportunity of new Law’s implementation, further strengthened innovative awareness, overall concept and legal consciousness to promote the change of AICs’ obligations, to serve reform and development, and to promote a new progress in trademark registration and administration.

      Liu Junchen indicated that the new Law would be implemented since May 1st. SAIC had actively developed promotions and trainings in relating to the Law, and timely promoted the amendments to relevant regulations. It had also seriously discussed coordination between old Law and new Law in issues of trademark registration, review and administrative enforcement, which was a full preparation for implementing new Trademark Law.

      Liu Junchen stressed that AIC system at all levels should perform well in three aspects to seriously implement relevant works in relating to the implementation of new Trademark Law.

      First was to optimize trademark examination and review procedures to facilitate trademark registration. It was requested to follow new Law’s requirements, to improve working mechanism, to actively research and establish a reliable long term mechanism, to timely adjust work procedures and rules, and to strengthen information system to protect technique support for improving trademark registration and review efficiencies. 

      Second was to innovate new lines for trademark strategy and to instruct enterprises to make good use of their marks to be bigger and stronger. It should innovate manners of administrative instructions to instruct enterprises to improve abilities in implementing and cultivating trademarks. It should further paid more attention to the protections to agriculture relevant trademarks and Geographical Indications. It should also strengthen Madrid international registrations and improve oversea rights protection mechanisms for enterprises.

      Third was to enhance supervision and law enforcement to create a fair and competitive market environment. It should strengthen the protections on trademark exclusive rights, to quicken the establishment of trademark administrative enforcement information share platform. It should also strengthen supervisions on trademark agencies, in accordance with the overall requirement of business registration system reform, which loosed the engagement, but administrated more strictly and combined rights and obligations together to market entities, to practically maintain a fair and competitive market order.

      Relevant responsible personnel from Trademark Office and Trademark Review and Adjudication Board also joined the conference and answered questions there.

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