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Trademark Registration China

Our Attorneys will file your Trademark Application in China and will carry out all needed tasks before the Trademark Office in order to obtain registration approval.

Our prices include the official fees.

First option: If you want to register your trademark in China only, please follow the steps described below.

Second option: If your trademark has already been filed or registered in an other country you can obtain protection in China through an international registration.
1.Trademark Search Report China
With this order form we deliver an availability search for similar pending or registered trademarks. The report contains a statement from a lawyer specialised in trademark law regarding the registrability of a trademark and the risk of collision with trademarks already registered.
2.Trademark Registration China
We will process your trademark registration in China. The price includes our lawyer’s fees as well as all official fees for the registration and implementation of the trademark without opposition.
Applications can cover only one class. Please submit orders for each class separately.

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