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Beijing Organized Trademark & Brand Development Meeting

  • 2014-05-16

        On the occasion of the implementation of new Trademark Law, to further implement Opinions of Beijing Municipal Government on Deeply Implementing Trademark Strategy and Promoting Capital Brand Economy Development and Notice of SAIC on Well Implementing New Trademark Law, on April 29, in exhibition center of Zhongguancun Park, a meeting to implement new Trademark Law and to promote Beijing local trademark and brand development was organized. The meeting was to enlarge the influence of trademarks in the city’s economic transformation, and to promote capital trademark and brand economic development. Cheng Hong, Vice Mayor of Beijing Municipal Government, Xu Ruibiao, Director General of Trademark Office under SAIC were present at the meeting and delivered important speeches. Yang Wenyi, Secretary of Party Committee of BAIC and Director General of BAIC host the meeting. Cui Jian, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of BAIC and Deputy Director General of BAIC made a topic speech there.

      Recently, Beijing strengthened its local enterprises’ independent innovation awareness by implementing trademark strategy, and drove capital economic transformation by brands’ development. It achieved active fruits in enlarging trademark registrations, cultivating trademark reputations, implementing trademark intangible assets, and developing brand economies. There are currently 460 thousand registered trademarks still in force in the city, which ranked first among China’s four municipal cities directly under the central government. There are also 8 Geographical Indications in the city.

      The meeting clearly indicated overall requirements and objectives of Beijing city to implement trademark strategy. It proposed to actively cultivate “Beijing Service” and “Beijing Innovation” brands to foster local trademarks and to create capital images. It aimed to comprehensively enhance enterprises’ abilities in trademark registration, implementation, protection and management, to remarkably improve the independence, advantage, clustering and internationalization of capital brands, to further optimize legal environment for trademark strategy implementation, to further improve policy protecting mechanism and work promoting measures in 2015.

      The signing of Trademark Strategy Implementation Cooperation Mechanism Framework Agreement was one light spot of the meeting. The agreement was signed by BAIC, who took the lead, with other member departments including the city’s Science and Technology Commission, Business Commission, Economy and Information Technology Commission, Rural Affairs Commission, Zhongguancun Administrative Committee and IPO Office to provide comprehensive, three dimensional policy supports in multi areas for local enterprises in implementing trademark strategy.

      BAIC would closely focused on the objective of constructing “Brand Beijing” to detail the work measures and to solidly develop works in three aspects and to establish two platforms. One platform was a cooperation platform among government departments to coordinate capital trademark strategy implementation. The other was trademark service platform to promote trademark, the important part of intellectual property, a healthy development. It would strengthen three aspects cooperation. One was cooperation with domestic and international famous enterprises to improve the professionalization of trademark strategy implementation and brand economy development. The second was with trademark agencies to strengthen agencies and representatives self disciplines. The last was with judicial authorities to enlarge protections to trademark exclusive rights. It would also improve two aspects protections. One was to establish incentives and to strengthen capital protections. The other was to strengthen mechanism protection, for which, it would revise Methods on Determinations and Protections on Beijing Famous Marks, to further improve and regulate the requirements, procedures and time limits for determining Beijing Famous Marks.

      Xu Ruibiao, Director General of Trademark Office under SAIC, on behalf of Liu Junchen, Vice Minister of SAIC, read a theoretical speech to “Seriously Implement New Trademark Law, Deeply Promote Trademark Strategy Implementation, and Serve Capital Economic Transformation”. He deeply introduced the significance to further unify thinking, to deeply implement new Law and to thoroughly promote trademark strategy implementation. He talked about the innovation of work measures to further promote trademark strategy into effective use and legal protection. He narrated to legally perform obligations and to make contributions for capital economic transformation. He also proposed five suggestions for Beijing Trademark Strategy Implementation. One was to strengthen promotions to trademark works. The second was to strengthen cultivations and instructions to enterprises’ trademarks. The third was to focus on trademark administrative enforcement. The fourth was to strengthen supervisions to trademark agencies. The last was to make overall plans and to strengthen coordination. Cheng Hong, Vice Mayor of Beijing Municipal Government, on behalf of the Government, thanked SAIC and Trademark Office, for their full supports to Beijing’s trademark strategy. She summarized current work as “remarkable achievements, heavy responsibilities and diversified promoted”. She also made a further deployment on the city’s trademark strategy.

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