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Trademark Law and Trademark Regulations implemented simultaneously Refining articles to promote administration in accordance with laws

  • 2014-05-16

        On May 1, the revised Trademark Regulations (No. 651 Order of the State Council) is implemented simultaneously with new Trademark Law. As an important supporting administrative regulation, it has great importance for implementing Trademark Law, improving AIC’s efficiencies in duty performance, and serving economic and social development.

      The revision, setting Trademark Law as the upper law basis, rooting in domestic real necessities, borrowing advanced experiences and mature practices from world main countries, concerning major problems occurred in realities, makes refinements and improvements on detailed requirements, standards and procedures of trademark work.

      After revision, the Regulations has 10 chapters and 98 rules. Trademark Law allows one application for multiple classes. Trademark Regulations then allows division of the application in case of partial refused protection. It also sets up a special chapter for Madrid international registrations, where stipulates requirements, application procedures, and procedures of examining those international applications. It further identifies specific wordings in determining trademark infringements, such as “to provide conveniences for the infringing party” and stipulates considerable factors in calculating illegal revenues.

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