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Innovating work method to promote the core transformation in trademark strategy implementation, stressed by Liu Junchen during his investigation in Shandong

  • 2014-06-13

        From 6 to 8 of May, Liu Junchen, vice minister of SAIC went for an investigation in Shandong. Xia Geng, vice governor of Shandong province met with Liu Junchen and other investigation delegates.

      During the investigation, Liu Junchen held a workshop in Shandong AIC to listen to reports on legal AIC construction, trademark strategy promotion, cracking down on infringements and counterfeits and other work issues. In Jinan, Liu Junchen went deep into the Shanda lu AIC station of Licheng branch of Jinan AIC, where he visited the local AIC cadres. He also investigated the vegetable association in Duoshi Village of Jiyang County and Shandong Joyoung Co. In Qingdao, Liu Junchen visited Xianggang Zhonglu AIC station in Shinan Qu and investigated Tsingdao beer Co. and Haier Group.

      Liu Junchen pointed out that Shandong was a big province in people and in economy. Shandong AIC in recent years, under the correct leadership of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, vigorously promoted reforms and innovations, legitimately performed obligations, actively planned service measures and made great efforts to improve supervision levels. There were many good experiences and practices accumulated from various works, which needed to summarize and to promote for a better achievement.

      Liu Junchen stressed under the new situation, AIC authorities should strictly insist in the legitimate administration and try to strengthen the core obligations of supervision and law enforcement comprehensively. AIC authorities should support SAIC in amendments of AIC laws and regulations to strengthen law enforcement and legal supervision, therefore to improve the level of legal AIC construction.

      Liu Junchen said that Trademark Strategy was an important part in National Intellectual Property Strategy. AIC authorities at all levels should actively transform the work method in order to obey market rules, to dilute administrative color, to correctly distinguish enterprise behavior, market behavior and government behavior. To improve trademark strategy implementation, AIC authorities should paid more attentions on the principal role of enterprises in cultivating independent trademarks, on the instructive role of administrative instruction, and on the effective implementation and legitimate protection of trademarks, therefore to better play the role of trademarks in innovation protection and incentive.

      Liu Junchen stressed AIC authorities at all levels to make efforts in using trademark to enrich farmers, to strengthen the protection on Geographical Indication products and to promote local economic development. AIC authorities should also deeply implement the new Trademark Law, to enlarge government coordination, to strengthen regional integration and to constantly conduct cracking downs on infringements and counterfeits.

      Liu Junchen encouraged enterprises to make efforts in the construction and maintenance of IP system, to make an early and overall plan, and to make efforts in trademark reputations and honors, to implement “going out” strategy on the basis of real practice and necessities.

      Relevant person in charge of Law Department of SAIC, Trademark Office, Trademark Review and Adjudication Board joined the investigations.

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