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SAIC and Rospatent signed an MOU on Trademark Legal Protection and Enforcement Cooperation

  • 2 14-06-13

        During the 4th Summit of CICA, ZhangMao, minister of SAIC, met with the head of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property of Russia (Rospatent), Mr. B Simonov. They jointly signed an MOU on trademark legal protection and law enforcement cooperation.

      On May 20, during the occasion of the 4th summit of CICA, Zhang Mao, minister of SAIC, and B Simonov, head of Rospatent, in Shanghai, witnessed by Chairman Xi Jinping of China and President Putin of Russia, jointly signed an MOU on trademark legal protection and law enforcement cooperation.

      Before the signing, Zhang Mao met with the visiting B. Simonov. Zhang Mao expressed that China and Russia has established a strategic cooperation friendship for more than 10 years, since the establishment, the bilateral relationship keeps a comprehensively healthy and quick development and the economic and trade relationship and cooperation also keeps a good development. China has for four consecutive years been the first trade friend of Russia. The mutual benefits and economic complementarities decide the strong bilateral cooperation intentions and potentials.

      Zhang Mao introduced the main obligations of SAIC, the basic information on trademark registration and protection, and introduced the new Trademark Law. Zhang stressed current MOU under the framework of existed cooperation paid attentions on bilateral concerned trademark legal protection and law enforcement, which marked the cooperation between SAIC and Rospatent into a new level. He wished to further strengthen the deep communication on trademark legal system, trademark registration and examination procedural practices and trademark law enforcement in future to constantly explore methods and measures for communication the cooperation, to promote the conduction of substantive law enforcement cooperation and to improve cooperation level. Both sides also exchanged opinions on detailed trademark work which bilateral concerned.

      On May 19, 2010, SAIC and Rospatent signed an MOU in Beijing. Since then, both sides conducted high level visits and information exchanges. As the constant development of Sino-Russian economic relationship, to conduct trademark legal protection and law enforcement turned to be more and more important. In September 2013, both sides reached consensus on discussion of signing an MOU on trademark legal protection and law enforcement.

      During the meeting between Xi Jinping and Putin, China and Russia signed a joint statement on a higher level of China-Russia Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of Coordination, and witnessed the signing of many cooperation documents.

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