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Minister Zhang Mao Meeting with Wang Bingying, Deputy Director General of WIPO and Emphasizing further Exchange and Cooperation

  • 2014-07-07

    June 10, Mr. Zhang Mao, Minister of SAIC met with Ms. Wang Bingying, Deputy Director General of WIPO, and indicated that SAIC is in the position to further exchange with WIPO, to continuously expand the coverage of cooperation, enrich cooperative activities and modes, and thus deepen the bilateral collaboration.

      Mr. Zhang first extended warm welcome to Ms. Wang, asked her to forward his greetings to Mr. Francis Gurry, Director General of WIPO, and was looking forward to Mr. Gurry’s visit to China in July.

      Mr. Zhang introduced to Ms. Wang the impacts of reform of domestic registered capital registration system to the trademark related work and also the reform of trademark registration system. He mentioned that with the less barriers of entry of market players, the number of companies has been increasing in a “blowout” way, and trademark applications will keep the momentum of rapid growth. He said, though with the rapid growth of China’s trademark applications, the number per capita is still low, number of trademark owned per 1,000 people being at a lower level in the world. However, he indicated, with the large potential of trademark development, SAIC will gradually implement the new mechanism, continuously improve working procedure, identify development potential from inside, and increase the efficiency of trademark registration.

      WIPO Beijing Office was officially established and operating this year, Mr. Zhang said, SAIC has been attached great importance to the work related to WIPO Beijing Office in a supportive way.

      Mr. Zhang said, active exchange and cooperation in the field of branding activities have been carried out between SAIC and WIPO, and in the future, these would be further strengthened to implement the agreements reached. He also proposed that both sides should start to revise and then sign the MoU as early as possible, so as to further the bilateral cooperation.

      Ms. Wang highly appreciated the meeting and support from Mr. Zhang, and on behalf of Mr. Gurry, she also extended sincere greetings to Mr. Zhang. She looked forward to intensifying mutual exchange and promoting cooperative activities. Both sides also discussed other issues of common concern during the meeting.

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