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Sino-EU Best Practice in Trademarks workshop held in Beijing

  • 2014-10-10
  • On September 22, 2014, SAIC and OHIM jointly organized a workshop on best practice in trademarks. Wu Qun, deputy inspector of Trademark Office was present at the workshop and made opening address there. Mr. Benoit Lory, Counselor with the rank of minister for trade and IP policies of EU delegations in China, also delivered speech on behalf of the EU in the workshop.

    Mr. Panayotis GEROULAKOS and Ms. Virginia MELAR, professors from EU respectively made topic speech on procedures of trademark examination, opposition, invalidation, in particular the examination and division to one trademark in multiple classes and non-traditional marks examination. Relevant person from Trademark Office and Trademark Review and Adjudication Board, respectively introduced sound marks and review procedures affected by the implementation of new trademark law. Staffs from Trademark Office and Trademark Review and Adjudication Board joined the workshop.

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