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EU trademark workshop tours held in Northeast China

  • 2014-10-20
  • From September 24 to 26 of 2014, SAIC and OHIM, under the framework of Sino-EU IPKey project, jointly organized EU trademark workshop tours in Shenyang of Liaoning province and Harbin of Heilongjiang province. Wu Qun, vice inspector of Trademark Office, was present at the workshop and made speech there. Mr. Davide FOLLADOR, long-term expert of Sino-EU IPKey project hosted the workshop. Mr. Panayotis GEROULAKOS, and Ms. Virginia MELAR, professors from OHIM delivered topic speeches there.

    In the two workshops, professors from EU introduced the system of EU trademark, its changes in future, online trademark application and retrieval tool and relevant cases, which promoted the Chinese representatives to better understand EU trademark system, and helped the enterprises to expand market. The workshops got unanimous praise from representatives.

    More than 200 staffs from local AICs, agencies, and enterprises jointed the workshops.

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